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Further submissions Proposed District Plan

Hastings District Council

Proposed Hastings District Plan

Summary of Decisions Requested

Submissions to the Proposed Hastings District Plan closed 14th February 2014.

A total of 291 submissions were received.

You now have the opportunity to review the summary of decisions requested and make further submissions.

 adobe, file, pdf iconPublic notice here

View the summary of decisions requested by:

1. Submissions Index here

2. Submitter Name  here

3. District Plan Section here

4. District Plan appendicies here

5. Scheduled Activity requests here

6. Rezoning requests here


PDF Maps identifying land requested to be rezoned:

1. Hastings Zone Changes here

2. Havelock North Zone Changes here

3. Townships Zone Changes here

4. Flaxmere Zone Changes here

Requsted Zone Changes can be viewed here


The notification of the decisions requested provides the opportunity to make further submissions.

What is a further submission

A further submission is a submission made in support of, or opposition to, another person's submission to the Proposed Hastings District Plan.

A further submission provides an opportunity to assess the effect an original submission may have on you, and to have your views considered by Council along with those of the original submitter.

Further submissions can only be made when you have an interest that is more than the public in general, or when you are representing a relevant aspect of the public interest.

For example, if there are submissions on rural subdivision rules and you do not have any particular interest in rural land (i.e. you don't own or lease land zoned rural), then you may not be able to make a further submission.  However, if someone has proposed a zoning change next to your property, then you clearly have more of an interest than the general public, and would be able to make a further submission.

A further submission must only support or oppose an original submission.  You can give reasons why you support or oppose the original submission but you cannot raise new issues or suggest alternative options.  In terms of a decision, your further submission can only request that Hastings District Council allow or disallow the original submission in full, or in part.

Make a further submission

 15, word iconFurther Submission form here

Once you have completed the form, email to  

It is preferable that you email your further submission form to us in Microsoft Word format.   When emailing, you are not required to send a hard copy nor sign the further submissions form.

Alternatively, post your signed paper submission to:

‚ÄčThe Environmental Policy Manager
Hastings District Council
Private Bag 9002
Hastings 4156

Or deliver your signed paper submission to:

Hastings District Council Civic Administration Building
207 Lyndon Road


The Resource Management Act requires that further submissions be made within 10 working days of public notification here

You must also send a copy of your further submission to the person who made the original submission within 5 working days of lodging your further submission with the Council.  Addresses of original submitters are available within the original submissions.  Find original submitter contact details here

If contact details are not shown on the original submission, contact the Submissions Technical Officer on phone 871 5000. 

Further submissions close end of the day Friday 9 May 2014

Next steps

The Council will consider all further submissions received. These will be used to inform the reporting and evidence prepared for the Proposed District Plan hearings, due to start mid-July.  A number of hearings will be held over the following months.  Submissions will be grouped by Plan Section or common themes for the purposes of each separate hearing.


All Hearings are open to everyone and will be conducted by the District Plan Hearings Committee.  If you have indicated that you wish to speak at the hearing, you will be given the chance to talk to your submission, and will be given at least 10 days notice of the hearing. 


After the hearing, the District Plan Hearings Committee will make their recommendations to the full Council, who will make the final decisions on submissions.  As a submitter, you will be sent a copy of the decision and the reasons.  Decisions will also be publicly notified.  As a submitter, you will have the right of appeal to the Environment Court.


Contact us

For more information, please contact a Policy Planner at the Hastings District Council on phone 871 5000 or

Hastings District Council, Private Bag 9002, Hastings 4156, New Zealand | Ph +64 06 871 5000 | Fax +64 06 871 5100
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